Men’s Hair

At North Georgia Hair Cutters we are skilled at all types of  men’s cuts; the latest trends as well as military regulation cuts!

We are skilled in military regulation haircuts high fade, high and tight, and low fades!

North Georgia Hair Cutters proudly sells and uses Joseph Armeni Bio mineral Hair Products.

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Men and Boys

Mustache $3.00

Beard Only $4.00

Shampoo and conditioning $5.00

Bang trim $6.00

Beard/Mustache $7.00

Men’s Edge Up/Women’s Trim 1″> $7.50

Military/Cadet haircut $9.00

Kids haircut up to 5th grade $10.00

Public service haircut $11.00

Senior men’s haircut $12.00

Men’s senior shampoo and cut $14.00

Men’s haircut $14.00

Men’s shampoo and cut $16.00

Men’s Highlight Cap  or top colored  (bright color $8 extra)  $22.00